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The website for Cybertrax started off in basic HTML back in 1999, and has since progressed through several redesigns to our most current website.  We naturally design our own logos, which have been through several different versions over the years, and update the website as and when needed to keep up with modern technology.  

Diets For You is a site owned by our sister organisation, The Zame Group.  Diets For You is an affiliate-based compilation website, combining links to many affiliates.  We designed the logo, as well as the website.  This site has been updated and enhanced a few different times in order to upgrade the appeal factor.  We manage and maintain this website currently.  

Tattoos For You is another website owned by The Zame Group, formerly owned by Cybertrax Internet Services.  Purchased in 2007 when it was known as Got Ink, we changed the logo and identity of the website.  For many years we kept the general look and feel, but in 2020 we decided it was time to update both the logo and the whole look of the website to be more appealing.  

Rol-trac was my first ever web design client!  Back in 1999, I was trying to push graphic design skills for business cards etc, and the managing director offered the chance to redesign their website.  I was given 6 months to learn how to design, and to produce a redesign of their existing website.  In actual fact, I spent the next 7 years managing and maintaining their website, with several redesigns throughout.  

Sue Green from Evergreen HR requested our help in designing a website, utilising their existing logo.  Evergreen HR already had a colour scheme in place for their business cards and letterheads, and our mission was to design a business card-style website advertising what they did.  

Eastern Region Property Services requested a website to be designed for their property maintenance business.  We utilised their existing logo and matched the colour scheme of the website for a complementary look.  

Ian Smith from Elitennis Malta approached us to build a new website for his beach tennis instruction business.  Using their existing logo, we incorporated their ideas including social media, images and videos.  We continued to manage the website for 12 months afterwards, including a website restoration when Elitennis Malta suffered from a hacking attack.  

Dean from the Wheel Doctor asked us to design a new website for his business in Scunthorpe.  Using his existing logo, we redesigned and enhanced it, and used this as a base to design a new website using the new colour scheme.  We integrated social media, as well as adding lots of content as supplied.  

We had to merge 2 different websites together into one; Game Pace and Greetland Games.  This involved designing a new logo merging 2 identities together, and then integrating the best features of both websites into one.  This website was the first time we utilised an animated backdrop to the main banner logo.  

This was one of the divisions of Cybertrax, many years ago when we operated adult websites.  It was therefore a parent or umbrella website, advertising the adult websites we owned at the time.  We designed the logo, and matched the colour scheme to a striking red and black theme.  

Another website that Cybertrax used to own, we bought this existing business, and updated the look and feel of the website.  Originally known as Court Auctions, we created a new logo and identity, whilst keeping the basic original framework.  

A local musician needed a website designed so she could sell her CD's.  We designed a simple e-commerce site complete with logo.  The software used behind the scenes was then known as Boss Cart, which was a hybrid Joomla custom design.  We took some time to alter the coding behind the scenes in order to add extra features not normally allowed by the software.  

The website was redesigned a few different times by us, and included a management login for front-end control of daily staff availability.  We started the first redesign in 2007 and did two further redesigns over the years.  These new designs included 2 different logos, as well as designing a similar website for their sister business, Alexandrias.  We managed and maintained the website from 2007 until the business closed down in 2018.  

The Loremaster is a personal website, designed on behalf of the father of our founder, John Cattermole.  It represents the focal point for a group of books written by John, as well as a board game based on the books.  Both the logos and the website have been redesigned over the years, to match suggestions and advice given by John.  The website is managed and maintained to this date.  

Phoenix Development was a social venture providing training courses to health care officials, both within the NHS in the UK and overseas.  It was started up and co-founded by Cybertrax, who took over completely in 2010.  The project went through several reiterations, logo and website designs, before ceasing trading in 2018.  

Dazzax was the latest branding of our graphic and website design service, before Cybertrax brought it in house.  This website advertised our services, and had a similar portfolio as here.  We designed the logo and the website from scratch, the logo having been designed by one of our contractual freelancers, Kay Westgate.  This website went through a few redesigns over the years, and the business was amalgamated with Cybertrax in 2018.  The Dazzax domain is now used for a different business.  

We maintain and manage this website, and have done 2 re-designs since 2012.  With many HD videos and imagery, this is a complex website, containing lots of written instructional content.  We worked with the business owner to design and enhance the logos as well as produce the website to the specifications of the owner.  We actively manage and maintain the website.

Pice is a sister organisation to Cybertrax, and is a service providing legal, financial and IT support to the general public.  We created the website from scratch, and this has gone through a few different versions over the years.  The logo has also been updated, albeit staying similar throughout.  

Greetland is a sister organisation to Cybertrax, and has several subsidiaries.  We designed the logo and website several times over the years, updating the technology as required.  

Kank was a local property rental business, and they needed a logo and website designed.  We designed a website that incorporated social media, and also included a way for properties to be easily registered and displayed.  We managed and maintained the website for several years until the business closed down.

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